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Notable Settlements Obtained by Attorneys at Cantory Injury Lawyers

Disclaimer - Results depend upon factors unique to each case and that results in one case do not predict similar results in others.

Below is a small sampling of our Notable Settlements with a summary description of the client's claim and results.

$225,000 Car Accident Settlement

Mr. C was traveling in rush hour traffic when he was rear-ended by the defendant at a high rate of speed. As a result of the powerful impact, Mr. C’s car was deemed a total loss. Mr. C suffered severe injuries from the accident including a herniated disc in his back that led to a painful surgery. ... Read more

$225,000 Automobile Accident Settlement

Mr. P was traveling in his vehicle through an intersection in Phoenix Arizona, when a vehicle negligently turned left in front of him. As a result of the vehicle turning left in front of him, Mr. P t-boned the left turning vehicle. As a result of the accident, Mr. P suffered numerous internal injuries, including a contusion to his heart, which required several hospital stays. ... Read more

$225,000 Trip and Fall Settlement

Mrs. B was attending a Christian contemporary concert at Jobing.Com arena in Phoenix Arizona. While at the concert, Mrs. B tripped and fell in an area where there was no floor covering or a warning that the floor was uneven. ... Read more

$219,000 Automobile Accident Settlement

Mr. E was a passenger in a vehicle that was t-boned at an intersection. The defendant ran a red light and struck the vehicle Mr. E was riding in. Mr. E suffered neck and back injuries from the accident that ultimately resulted in surgery to both his neck and back. ... Read more

$200,000 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Mr. A was traveling on his motorcycle in Phoenix Arizona when a vehicle negligently turned left in front of him causing him to lay his motorcycle down. As a result of having to lay his motorcycle down Mr. A suffered numerous fractures to fingers on both of his hands. ... Read more

$181,000 Life insurance Death Benefits Settlement

Ms. S’s husband died of issues unrelated to an accident. Ms. S made a claim on her husband’s life insurance for the death benefits. The insurance company denied the claim, stating that Ms. S’s husband had not disclosed a preexisting condition from his service in the armed forces. ... Read more

$180,000 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Mr. C was traveling on his motorcycle as an escort for a funeral procession. While traveling on his bike, the defendant made an illegal left turn in front of Mr. C and hit Mr. C and his motorcycle. As a result of being thrown to the ground because of the collision, Mr. C suffered numerous injuries to his neck and back that resulted in numerous surgeries. ... Read more

$175,000 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

An elderly woman negligently pulled out directly in front Mr. M causing him to crash his motorcycle. Mr. M. sustained a shoulder and upper neck injury. The insurance company disputed Mr. M’s the cause and extent of Mr. M’s injuries...Read more

$150,000 Premises Liability Settlement

Ms. O, an exhibitor at the Tempe Festival of Art, tripped in a pothole while crossing Mill Avenue. As a result of negligence of the premise owner, Ms. O sustained torn cartilage in her knee requiring surgery and an ankle fracture...Read more

$130,000 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

While Ms. S was riding her motorcycle, an automobile wrongfully pulled out in front of her striking her and her motorcycle. Ms. S sustained a scalp laceration, broken jaw, puncture wounds and multiple lacerations and bruises. The insurance company disputed the percentage of liability, claiming that Ms. S was partially at fault for the collision...Read more

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