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Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer May Not Take Your Case

You suffered an injury; you’re very angry and want fair compensation for your suffering. You tried to hire a lawyer but they refused to take your case. Is this act of the lawyer unfair? Actually, no! In this article, we give you nine reasons for turning down cases by personal injury lawyers.

People find it hard to realize why their case was refused by lawyers. You want to know the factors important to lawyers to evaluate your case in order to know if the lawyer will take your case or they will turn it down. Carefully read these points and make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes.

How the Accident Occurred

It is not enough to say you had an accident and to show the attorney your injuries. Lawyers want to know how the accident actually happened. This is essential to hold someone responsible and financially accountable for the accident.

Previous Rejections

If the lawyer asks about the attorneys you had tried before coming to them, they want to know if you rejected them or did they refuse to take your case? If you had fired several lawyers before them, this means you face a hard time working with lawyers. On the other hand, previous rejections point to problems with the case and may result in another rejection.

Injuries are not serious enough

Saying things like, “I could have been killed” or “I could have been seriously injured” are not enough. Speculative claims don’t carry weights.

Lawyers want to make sure your injuries are serious enough to be taken to the court for compensation. They will turn down your claim if you don’t have any case in hand.

Poor rapport with the client

Lawyers want to develop good working relationships with clients. A lawyer may reject to take a case if they feel the client doesn’t trust them.

Cost of the Case

Lawyers analyze the cost of developing the testimony to prove up your injuries. If the expected depositions are more than the expected return in the case, the lawyer will refuse to take your case.

Expenses of the Case

The lawyer will decide whether the time, money and effort to prove your case are ‘worth it’. That number increases with the experience and success of the attorney. If your case costs the lawyer more time and effort and they expect less in return, they are likely to refuse to take your case.

The Defendant lacks resources

An Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer may also reject your case if they realize that the person you wish to sue lacks resources to pay the claim. The main reason for this is the lawyer may not receive their agreed-upon fees.

Required Time

Lawyers refuse to take cases which take a long time to settle. They fear to not receive the money for her investments. They will also focus less on other cases if the case takes too long.

The issue is Complex

Lawyers avoid cases which involve novel and complex issues. They may feel to be inexperienced on that specific issue. They can read on the latest research, but this will involve investment of time.

Your lawyer may also turn down the case if it involves government immunity, judicial matters or federal court of jurisdiction. The attorney may want to avoid complications these cases entail.


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